'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

tough call

So, I'm all psyched about

Shadow Art Fair,

but now I see that what I thought was next weekend,

4th St Fair,

is actually Saturday, too, unless it rains.

What's a girl to do?? I'm thinking both. There's a big antique/garage sale in Royal Oak, too, but it can hardly compete. And it blows me away how many queer things are happening in association with the Gay Games in Chicago <--click only if you're prepared for a giant colorful .pdf of "cultural affiliated events". I also had an invite to join some people just inside Canada that I was sorely tempted to clear the decks for. What a fruitful weekend, with so many ripe options for picking and indulgently partaking of.

May be harder to decide about NOLOSE and the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival. They don't compete with each other in time, but each'd cost a few pennies.

Since I don't believe in soothsayers & crystal balls, I really oughta work on this business of making decisions from my own take/POV under my own authority and in accordance with my own gut & my own mind. ---Hmmm. Put that way it seems as if maybe it can be a complicated sort of task, so maybe it's not so embarrassing that I don't have it down already.
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