'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Anyone for John Waters?

He's giving a talk on July 7. Well, they call it his "outrageous one-man show" and him "the always hilarious and provocative filmmaker" who will share his "skewed views on everything from movies to marriage to pop-culture" in "a notorious and wonderfully wild evening of entertainment with the baron of bad taste."

Hyperbole aside, the guy is no dim bulb. And any cattiness his style may smack of is more than balanced out by a kind of unusually staunch humanity he has.

My old pal E.J. turned me on to his essays years ago---like these. After that, when I'd see him around town, I had a different sort of regard for the fella. He's a thinker as well as a freak! One of my favorite combos.

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