'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

might watch the spelling bee; other offhand musings

National regular TV for the finals of the spelling bee tonight, it seems... Sounds worth playing with the rabbit ears for that one.

My computer at work was being replaced today---from noon until almost 5 p.m. I managed to find work to do that whole time, but it wasn't easy. I think there might be an outstanding video driver question, but we'll see. Swank new keyboard. This is my second new computer at MR; I've been here long enough to be upgraded twice. Wow. Anyway, it's a chuckle how loose & free-floaty I feel at the office when I can't get to e-mail and the cluster of applications I spend so much of my waking life fiddling in.

I think I'm liking life at the moment. Getting back, maybe, to a good 'ff'lo I had recently looked up and seemed to find myself in. At least I can say this: of late at times some sense of equilibrium seems to stay with me for moments, and sometimes many moments---even more moments than not within a given short-term duration of the relative "now", the nowadays, the this.

This icon of me at tapas is getting a little stale here, but part of what it's represented in my mind is a capacity for enjoyment I'd lost for so long, thought perhaps I'd never experience again, yet have found I have recovered. I can't claim "awash in pleasures" just yet, but I can now imagine being able to imagine, perhaps before long, that state.

If that sounds like the most moderated celebration, it's not. Just taking care not to overstate the state (for fear of jinxing it, perhaps?). But speaking of laughable hedginess, check out this excerpt from "A cut-and-paste approach to contact topology" [W. H. Kazez, Bol. Soc. Mexicana (3) 10 (2004), Special Issue, 1--42]:

When $(M,\gamma)$ is an irreducible sutured manifold with annular sutures and $(M,\Gamma)$ is the corresponding convex structure, $(M,\gamma)$ is taut if and only if it has a sutured manifold decomposition if and only if it carries a taut foliation if and only if $(M,\Gamma)$ carries a universally tight contact structure if and only if it carries a tight contact structure.

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