'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

having to hunt for news

I had to search for "U.N." to find coverage of the torture committee opening at Google News, despite its then finding 180 pieces on the subject. The Google "World" section full-page selections didn't include the story, but did offer up, among others, these (most with fewer "related" items):

EU to press US on setting up new aid fund for Palestinians
+ all 68 related »

Child labor on decline globally
+ all 139 related »

Mum-to-be, aged 63, comes under fire
+ all 282 related »

Indonesian Ex-president Suharto Hospitalized For Bleeding
+ all 151 related »

Iranian Leader Sounds Defiant Note on Nuclear Program
+ all 70 related »

The story is, apparently, that we deny that we torture. In case you were wondering.

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