'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

tonight, spontaneous

Brill:  the Cadillac of Reel Mowers

the Brill

Looks good
Burns no gas
When yard has few sticks, provides aerobic exercise (you can get up some speed)
Is not noisy & obnoxious, like power mowers
Lets you smell all the amazing smells that are outside tonight, May 4, 2006
Rhymes with "Brazil"

That was fun.  And I did pull some garlic mustard afterwards, though not where I set out to.

I really am not a dumb fucker for not finishing, say, cleaning out the fern beds completely before moving on to something else; or for choosing the whack-o border restoration project, along with the bare patch patching, instead of myriad others; or for not having gotten to that one renegade bush earlier; or for deciding to mow when I didn't really need to yet, instead of some other more worthy outdoor thing I mighta done instead.

My mind continues to be blown...  Who'da thunk.  How could Who have.  Thunk it.  And a Vo Vo Vo-De-Oh Doe.

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