'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

wonder how we got "yard" from "yard"

Didn't grill Lawrence last night. Worked in yard. So many hours of so many days already this year, yet so much not even begun (particularly back) there. I feel as if I've got the jump on it this time, though. Or a jump.

I have been observing, though, and saying to some of you, that my muscles (for some reason I want to pronounce that "musk-ullz") are doing rather quite very well with it all. Fancy that. "Musculature"? I like to refer to it/them that way too. The variations are probably to undercut sincerity so's to be sure not to be making any association with, or any appearance of valuing, any of the despicable aspects of the cult(ure) of athleticism. Which is crap, of course, cuz muscles don't have anything to do with that stuff, per se, and I know it.

I guess I know it but don't trust that anyone and everyone who might be reading these words does... ha!

Yes, I am coming out as having muscles. Not great show-off I'm-better'n-you muscles. Not other versions of muscles, as well, I'm sure. But muscles. Muscles with which I have a newly more pleasantly interactive relationship. Stronger muscles; moreover, muscles that are more fun. And muscles that, lo & behold, do much better with yardwork---while I'm at it, and in recovery thereafter, t'boot.

In other news, squirrelykat has kidney stones again, as I'm sure she wouldn't mind me mentioning here. Poor thing. Let us all cross our fingers for their quick passing, and with as little pain as possible.

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