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Go, litel quiz!

(Yes, I was very nearly a Chaucerian.)

Well, I did it: I completed my first quizilla quiz. Following is one sample result (of TEN!); won't you please take the quiz? And then rank it? And then click on "see all possible results"? Thank you, friends and randomizers!

juan soldado
Your folk saint is Juan Castillo
, or Juan Soldado ("Soldier
John"), protector of illegal immigrants.
Executed for a murder committed by a superior
officer, he said his innocence would be proven
after his death when miracles asked for in his
name would be granted. Many preparing to make
the trip to the U.S. visit his tomb in Tijuana,
and June 24---the feast day of St. John the
Baptist---is known as El Dia de San Juan in

Which Mexican Folk Saint Is For You?
brought to you by Quizilla
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