'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

H. job; money junk; gendered words

Well, gf got another job. Now, in addition to teaching a class and preparing for her exams (in February, according to the current plan), she is VP of the union (paid an honorarium 4 times a year, but it's in $ at least), she tutors 2 Thai nursing students in conversational English (through the end of this semester), and---starting next Tuesday---she'll be the bread woman at the Produce Station. You locals will know the joint; it's a good place for produce, flowers, and a salad bar, in a groovy location on S. State St. (not at all far from our house).

We now think we may be able to get a car. The killer's gonna be when the taxes on the house are re-assessed in something like 6 months. (Maybe sooner, maybe later---I don't seem to be able to get a solid answer to that question.) The woman who had the house before us bought it at some way low price 20+ years ago, so even though her assessed value went up steadily, it was constrained by legal limitations on the jump, and she wasn't being taxed at anything like the rate we will be soon. It'll probably be a difference of over $250/mo. in our housing payment.

Gee, I used the word "she" and a number of possessive personal pronouns. I wonder how much more my gender skews to the feminine now. Oh, wait: there were numbers in there. Numbers are masculine. (What a crock!)

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