'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

another thing i was just thinkin'

'round about this time of year in b-more i might get the uh-oh kind of feeling about summer coming. the one that remembers that the coming time of year includes the "to be gotten through" kind of months, the most onerous of weather, the dripping with the moisture in the air kind of atmosphere, mixed with heat rising off all the pavement, and the city smells (the exhaust-garbage bouquet is at its worst in summer). now that i'm a michigoose, i get the up-jumping uh-oh in october or so, and it's about another season that can wear on one in its persistent outdoor discomfort, inconvenience, generally-less-pleasant-ness.

just goes to show you how it's relative---and here i mean not that it's one season one place, and the other in the other: i mean that it's all attitude. you know, this same taste of warmth, if i were thinking of the immediate future as potentially unpleasantly excessively something, has a bite that it doesn't, if i don't. and vice versa about the taste of winter in the air. (or would that be "ditto"?)

anyway, the point is, it's all attitude. and we do have a lot of influence on our own attitudes. degree of caffeine intoxication notwithstanding.

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