'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,


guilty pleasure: mandarin oranges, and the juice they're canned in

Went out for a long-break walkabout earlier. And now it's late afternoon, but still quite light out, on a lovely day in A2---the first one this year on which we've opened windows at the office.

I love the first day the windows get opened. Any day they're open, really, but especially the first of the year. Takes me back to junior high (which became middle school halfway through---a much less appealing term, to my mind). It was in college that I realized that open windows while you're at what you do during the day hark back to that time for me. It's all because my high school had no windows.

Built in something like 1975, my high school was supposed to be, as I understand it, all open-space classrooms in huge mod space; it didn't take long for them to realize that wasn't going to work (noise, distraction---maybe even anarchy) & throw up walls to make more traditional classrooms. The only outside light in most of the learnin' space came from the glass exit doors in each of those rooms, and those weren't opened for the coming of spring-like outside air.

It was a time when we thought controlled interior environments with canned air were the way of the future, anyway. You could probably blame sci-fi for that, as much as you could the cultural belief in progress-by-science that had peaked and was starting to diminish.

S'anyway, when I found myself in Bill Smith in my freshman year in the spring and somebody opened the windows, it was all I could do to pay attention to anything but the revisitation of that glorious harbinger, that lazy promising indication that school will be out for good soon, and even before that there'll be more and more time to play outside.

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