'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Chitra Ragavan

Her name was always one of my faves on NPR to repeat aloud after it's said. Right up there with "Sylvia Poggioli" and (especially the "Zwerdling" half of) "Daniel Zwerdling". It's Andrei Codrescu's accent I'd like to be able to don at any time, and, all 'round, my flat-out favorite NPR name is "Corey Flintoff." (Oooh, I could call my dog "Corey Flintoff.") Anyway, Chitra Ragavan left NPR a while ago, and guess what she's been up to lately? Expanding the story of Bush&Co's illegal surveillance within the U.S. for U.S. News & World Report. Check it out here: The Letter of the Law. Tagline: "The White House says spying on terror suspects without court approval is ok. What about physical searches?"

I found it via An Update on President Bush's NSA Program: The Historical Context, Specter's Recent Bill, and Feingold's Censure Motion by John Dean, which I found through commondreams.org. Yeah, that John Dean---who's been having Nixon déjà vu with all this scary executive hubris. Common Dreams is also linking to Walter Cronkite's Nixon déjà vu about Vietnam/Iraq in his endorsement in the Miami Herald of the film Why We Fight.

That's all for now. This isn't Chitra Ragavan, nor Sylvia Poggioli, nor Lisa Zwerdling, for NPR or anybody else but me, signing off.

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