'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

poem i made up most of in the shower this a.m.

an all-slant rhyme appreciation

Of all our daily words for pants,
Let us not relinquish "slacks."

Trousers, britches, pantaloons,
dungarees---I like these, too,

yet, of the terms we might forget,
they seem to be endangered less.

"Slacks" is of a fashion old,
and not just in the fashion world;

it's hardly butch---may not be fem-
inist, as it's not used by men

referring to their own attire
(unless they're rather broad of mind)

---but "slacks" is jaunty, free and light;
the kind of easy feel I like;

it calls up crisp-creased linen, silk,
a herringbone, or some fabric

with lovely tiny-flower print,
swishy, swaying, smart-looking.

The word's just grand---I've thought upon't
and say to you:  "slacks" must live on.
Tags: poetry

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