'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

dispatched it quick

So much for that ailment---it's effectively over, I reckon.

My appetite is back, too. With a vengeance.

Need a shower. Looking forward to it. Must remember to run by the library on the way home. Then eat something. Then the shower.

vjsmom, to my eternal consternation, has no appreciation for the indulgent long hot shower. I thought for a minute that maybe it came from having to zip in & out when there was an infant or toddler in the house, but she reported that she's never really gotten into it. Do you? I do.

And I'm going to get into it tonight.

Different from bathtub indulgence. Another thing entirely.

I'm put in mind of the old days of trying to have a bottle of that green bath gel on hand. What the hell was it called. A DKD thing. 'Twas twenty bucks a bottle, in yer fine dept stores, 'cept I did find it on super sale in KS once, and LTM once gave me a bottle of it. That stuff smelled great.

Got it.

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