'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,


There's some kind of manhunt going on in my neighborhood tonight.

For a good half an hour there's been some police presence outside, up and down the block. At one point two cruisers and some big station-wagon-lookin' thing were slowly sweeping, with one car's dual search lights panning back and forth, while several flatfoots combed the sidewalks and front yards. Then the searchlighted car pulled down the driveway I share with my neighbor & the pigs on foot swarmed down that way.

Now there's one cop car sitting in front of my mailbox with its searchlight trained down that driveway, and another car at the end of the block with its lights trained this way. Once in a while I see a handheld flashlight bouncing around.

Either something big has gone down, or the A2 cops are really bored tonight. Don't think they'd do all this for a burglary.

Several of the neighbors seem to be "cooperating," as I am, with the porch lights on at this late (in the Midwest) hour.

(Quisp with ray gun is the closest icon I have to a copper.)
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