'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

laughable Lisa

Closing in on a cell phone decision. (Just have to decide how much rural reception means to me.) (I mean, so what if I can't get a signal at Steve & E.J.'s crabbing cottage? Or in my brother's driveway? Or in parts of western Michigan, or pretty much anywhere in Georgia except Hotlanta? It's only a one-year contract, and I think I like the phone better, and it's free.)

It's these left-to-my-own-(cellular-and-noncellular-)devices contexts in which I am so hard-pressed to pick something and go with it. Malcolm Gladwell would hate to know that I read his book & am still this way.

Maybe I'll make March "rash March." Though it's not nicely alliterative, like "frugal February," it has some cool sound stuff of a fancier sort going for it. And it's hard to say three times fast, so I won't even say it---I'll just do it.

Maybe. But maybe I'll come up with something better for March.

I'll have to think about it.

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