'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Friday afternoon at the office

It feels a bit like a sprint to the finish today. Don't know why, in particular. I'm getting a lot done, I guess. Gonna get out of the building for a little break in a few.

Saw lovelikeyeast for happy hour yesterday. That was good. Some shmizla the day before, and maybe some more later tonight.

Life goes on! On my mind: the next steps in embracing my domestic surroundings; maybe working the general organizational dabbling I'm up to into a full-out binge, beyond the nascent e-mail purging & filing (no small project) to desk cleaning out & perhaps even that affairs-getting-in-order the annual paper stuff at work poked me to consider; taxes; first visit to the new local branch of La Shish (with squirrelykat and dreampower tomorrow, it looks like).

Plus movies & TV on DVD & the building & the kitties.

Not just yet to make a vacuum and see what fills it. A little chockful still, yet, now.

And, dang, in just a matter of weeks now I may be futzing with the annually burgeoning jungle that is the back yard.

That re-opened OTTO window is surely ready for my password now...

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