'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

philosopher day at work

You might think that'd mean Bertrand Russell---but actually it's cuz we had a review of a paper by Jung talking about Freud. Well, Hwan Yup Jung, and it was Freud weights (whatever those are) (but I bet they're heavy). And now I've got a paper about the early Jewish polymath Abraham bar Hiyya (picture a dot below that H), who got Hebrew going as a scientific language in southern France (after hailing from a Muslim kingdom in Zaragoza & then hanging out in Barcelona for a while), and whose big treatise on practical geometry was translated into Latin by none other than... Plato. Plato of Tivoli, but still. That's closer than Plato of Rebel Without a Cause.

Seems bar Hiyya's scientific Hebrew is different from that of Abraham ben cEzra, who kinda overlapped with bar Hiyya & developed his work "along the same lines." This business reminds me of Tiramisu E telling me how there are dramatically different spoken and written/scholarly Hebrews. (Did you know that? I didn't.)

I do like when I get something juicy in section 01Axx (history of mathematics and mathematicians).
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