'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

this 'n' that

This weekend I spent a little time trying to write in here of my recent head trippy time travel, but it was just going on & on & on (always add one), and it was getting tedious to write---and not cuzza careful crafting that was going to save it from being tedious to read. The problem was audience, really. I kept wanting to provide context for anybody reading who hasn't known me long enough or well enough to know at least some of the contexts of its settings for me. So, feh. I got up from the keyboard & went about my day. Between that & the browser eating my other recent (lengthy) attempt at a posting, my habit/rhythm of writing in here has been disrupted by the discouragement of the daunted.

But I kinda miss the outlet already, and here it's only Wednesday.

I guess we'll see what I manage to plunk down next. [to be cont'd ... {as is implicit in all these postings}]

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