'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

That was a great movie. Really well done.

SPOILERS! SPOILERS about Match Point here!

Okay, what makes it especially good is its ambiguity about what's the good luck & what's the bad. Not just, or even primarily, in that toggling way that was in the book I loved as a child, Fortunately, which followed the same format as my friend LTM's book (I think it was) with the title Good Thing, Bad Thing, which is some kinda famous ancient Eastern wisdom story format, too (the son who breaks his leg & is said to've been unlucky, "Perhaps" sez the dad, then the broken leg keeps him out of the draft, so he's thought lucky, "Perhaps" sez the dad, etc.). It's all in what seems like good luck being bad luck in a way that only our protagonist knows (in his private horror).

And that's about a fantasy/horror karmic sort of no winning when you thwart justice, as no seed of justice = meaninglessness.

It's a new take on Woody's long-running theme about living with philosophy in an existentialist state. You almost gotta wonder about his own big sin (that we know of) & guilt about getting away with it.

It's really late, and I'm ge-zonked, so it's no surprise I've bolloxed talking of it with this not-even-half-assed posting. But it was a good movie. Fer shurr.
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