'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Q: How cool is this?  A: Pretty cool!

upcoming "Fat and the Academy" conference at Smith

There's an "emerging field of Fat Studies"? With a "current flourishing of scholarship" in its multi-disciplinary self? Hunh. Wow. I mean, I know about people working in the area, and a scholarly element of the resistance, but the notion of a toehold in the academy is news to me. Leave it to one of the Five Colleges/Seven Sisters to organize such a conference. And I used to make fun of them "sweater girls."

Some people & titles:
• Kathleen LeBesco, "Queer Tactics in Fat Politics: An Assessment"
• To The Earth (Tribal Bellydance), followed by the Royal Renegades (the Philadelphia Drag Kings)
• Paul McAleer, "Blog This: How You - Yes, You - Have Changed the Media's Stance on Fat."
• Stefanie Snider, "Fat Girls and Size Queens: Visual Productions of the Fat and Queer Self in Contemporary American Culture"
• Pattie Thomas, "Fat as Social Problem, Social Stigma as Solution"
• Paul Campos, "Ask Your Doctor if Cultural Hysteria is Right For You"
• Marilyn Wann, "Fat Liberation 101 - Life's Too Short for Self-Hatred & Celery Sticks!"
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