'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

smouldering away, on the edge of town, a whiff of it wafting my way

Dreamed last night of the (source of the) Tire Fire. Remembered it when thinking, after hearing a little tell, that maybe I needn't stop myself from looking again (though I haven't yet). What the sort-of-mod fireplace wall meant, I wonder in particular. The snippet I recall of the plot seems embarrassing to reveal.

The dream may've come partly cuz I talked to LA for a good while yesterday, and (along with other stuff) got some of the old (balanced) flavor of the TF-to-be. And more of that wasn't-so-crazy not to anticipate crazy. But also some of the side dish of sad that comes with every entree off that menu, and that not-so-sweet dessert that's kind of like worry, but more a vague distressing pondering, with helplessness.

Not that helpfulness is called for in the least. But there ya go.
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