'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

what's in the stars this week?

Last week my boss thought lots of people she knew were having weird communication problems. I saw that Mercury is retrograde & proposed that notion. (I don't actually believe that stuff in a more-than-handy-metaphor way, but I'm all for handy metaphors.)

So this morning I discovered that my refrigerator had been open a few inches all night. The why of it is a little odd, I admit; it had to do with not drying bras in the dryer and finding a handy spot to hang one with lots of air circulation on the handle of a tray that's stored on top of the fridge. I realized yesterday that it's a nice bonus how having a drying brassiere hanging there reminds me (no, not that I need milk) (though that'd be funnier) that I'm in the middle of doing laundry, so I remember more frequently to go down and run the dryer a third time for the clothes it's struggling to dry (poor thing). But having something hanging there does necessitate attending to slinging it aside to get into the fridge, or to close the door properly. Musta messed up on the latter last night some time.

Some things may not have spoiled, but the stuff near the lightbulb---which was on and warm all night---surely has. That stuff was warm to the touch. So much for the brand-new big ol' tub o' Trader Joe's yogurt, and that one hunk of fancy cheese I still had about a third of. The hyperpasteurized milk that woulda been good until 2006 is almost surely ruint now, as well.

But I get to say "ruint," at least.

Anyway, I hope there's no planetary reason I messed up with the fridge and anderyn's glasses broke that means little things we depend on are going on the fritz during this cycle of the moon's nodes or this passage of a comet too near Mars. I've got stuff to accomplish today! I canna have't.

(Oh, who am I kidding. I can have it. Whatever! [<--in the earlier-generation non-ironic sense] Nothing's life or death just now, almost certainly.)

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