'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

re-upped; weekend

Ever inspired by a deadline (in this case the timely renewal discount of $20), yesterday I re-upped at the building, as bigfinedaddy calls it, and by gum if I didn't run into her there. It was good.

Just spent the a.m. chatting with vjsmom. Now to get about deciding what I'm gonna do with the next part of the weekend.

Hey, my swimming hasn't suffered noticeably, even though it'd been months. It hasn't remarkably improved through some miracle like the "think" system, either, but it felt pretty easy. And the water felt soft. It was a little bit like finally getting back on a horse, but not completely like that.

I am par-congested and couldn't CPAP straight through overnight. Yet so far, so good, today.

And isn't this about the dullest posting you've read in a long time. Let me invoke an exciting concept, in just one word, to make it up to you: caffeine! I'm off for some now.

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