'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

ready for days socked in?

It's not buy-up-provisions and hunker-down winter yet---and it doesn't really get like that so much here, 'cept psychologically---but today feels like winter is now upon us.

I had the morning off to futz around the house. That was good. A 40-hour week is a good thing compared to what came before it in the general labor state of the nation, but it sorta sucks, too. 'Specially when so much of the day is dark.

Somebody (was it you, vjsmom?) pointed out to me recently that the sun starts back from its furthest southness in only, like, 5 more weeks. It's some comfort to contemplate, I guess. But it takes a lonnnng time up here for the air to catch up with the change.

Got a brand new cylinder of oatmeal to break out. Maybe I'll try to get up early enough tomorrow to do that before work. Come in with some stick-to-my-ribs nutrition in me already.

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