'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

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at home miserable

Sick at home. Uck. GF got back last night and I couldn't appreciate it in the least. And then I was grumpy with her. Crap.

Head is so fulla mucus and mucus-related---what's the word for fluids that have a solid-like way about them? not emulsion, exactly---like slime, what would that be? (Now I'm sure you're all so glad I've posted.)

Can't sleep it away, either. Longest day of the year so far. Throat, head, all that stuff, plus sore muscles.

I'm sure to lose my babysitting gig with boss's kid tomorrow night, too.

mope. whine (but not too loudly). wish there were a shotgun in the house, and a guarantee it'd work (and not just make my head hurt more).

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