'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

blew the check

Ah, rats---looks like I needed to post yesterday for my October lj calendar active dates to form the check mark I was starting to think I'd aim for, with my sporadic posting of late.

'S cold tonight! Well, not that cold, but colder than the power of this little sweatshirt jacket the H-bomb got me on sale at the competitor of Varney's down the street. I forget the name. Where my brother's boy scout stuff was from. You know, in Aggieville. Yeah, that's the place.

Just my luck: I'm catsitting where there's cable, and there's nothing good on. If I were following baseball, maybe I could get into watching the (likely end, the way the White Sox are representin' the blue states, of the) Series tonight, since a good picture is good for baseball, like tennis. Where seeing the ball itself is much better than just seeing everyone's reactions to it.

Gotta go hunt for another maybe-not-there tool in the basement now.

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