'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,


Almost done with the front steps fix tonight---squirrelykat's dad's gonna do a little thing for me, and then I can call that one ready for winter. This weekend J assisted me in the yard wonderfully, wielding a chain saw; they (she & saw) were a thing of beauty. (What is it about a woman with a power tool?) She also tended to the deconstruction of loads of brush while I lopped & buzzed a respectable-lookin' hedge out of the crazy mass in front of the house (and shaped up a little of the overgrown backyard too).

The leaky faucet's still dripping. I can hear it now. But I can tend to that when the weather turns and I'm in the house, warming my hands over bonfires (& whatever else I'm going to do to make it through a more expensive heating season).

Crunchy Koh-Kae, I'll e- ya back soon. Enjoy your last week of work for a while!

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