'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

cat : bag :: dish : ?

That is, if one has some dish, as in "dish the dirt," that one has been heretofore mum about, and one shares it, that's letting the cat out of the bag (as the expression goes), or, in parallel metaphor, letting/getting the dish out of the what? the cabinet? the oven? I guess if we're dishing dirt as in serving portions of it up to people, the cabinet might be the answer. But if it's been baking, it could be dish (or a dish) just out of the oven---a dish heretofore uncovered (untold) OR covered (up), depending how you look at it, so covered dish or uncovered dish, maybe in some funny 9"-by-13" casserole carrying basket... ? Fresh hot dish, sufficiently baked or at least out of the oven now, so there for diners, ready or not?

I dunno---I think maybe the serving up of portions in clean dishes out of the hutch works better. Have an opinion?

Poll #591635 analogous metaphor poll

cat : bag :: dish : ________

other (please specify below)
What the hell are you talking about?


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