'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Lisa, I can name that song in 1 line.

Putting together some dance songs. Got a failsafe get-'em-up in this number, gals 'n' guys, and a veritable anthem of healthy attitude, so leave your situations at the door. No, it ain't new. I got nothin new---only relatively less old. But no more drama; leave all that BS outside. Rock your ice. We celebratin. Percolatin.

Coming from Kansans and Lutherans and nerds and fatsos, I could easily have never danced in my life. Musta been that living queer in Charm City in the 80s a mere 50 yards from the Hippo. Not that I danced there so much, really. Girard's, while it was around, yeah, I guess. Maybe it was Terri Adamczyk in the privacy of a dorm room, with early Who songs. There was something about that. I don't dance nearly enough to satisfy my soul, but I do love it, when nothing's amiss & I can go 'head and feel it.

I want to tell about the Little Apple basement Black Hearts Ball soon. The woman who was in my book the star of the many stars that night is about to have a big birthday bash in Larryville, and I'm not going to be able to be there; maybe I'll tell the story for her birthday.

Watch this space, as the confusing signs said.

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