'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

dis-/ill-connected thoughts

•  There's something very good about living above boards / in the open.

•  A screensaver shot of vjsmom and upsidedownblue and psychesdesire and me in which we are all gleefully quite intoxicated just greeted my return to my desk.

•  "You'd better shop around," said Smokey R. (or Smokey R's mother, if you will)

•  Where, the old joy for a swanky event? How coax it out?

•  I have more H-bomb thoughts to post some time. Recently-/currently-gelling ones. No use pretending they'll be the last.

•  "conditional tense" --- too obviously pregnant for poetry? not the tense itself---the potential double entendre/entente senses of the words

•  If the Good Lord came down today and struck us of all trope(s), where would I be? How would I be? Who would I be? And why does that look so good?

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