'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

my second MR yard sale

resounding success, if i do say so m'se'f. i can now pay off my WHOLE tab at work (was shooting for at least half) & have a good chunk o' change left---you know, for luxuries like the mortgage. will september be a month in which i fail to go further into debt? it could happen!

i'm purt-near completely spent of energy, however. eschewing any bedtime before 2 (and often opting for 3:30 or so) doesn't go with the more-or-less regular 40-hr workweek, but that's my way any more. add in all that yard sale prep & then a bit of hauling followed by several hours of workin' the sale on these tired ol' dogs---well, it's no wonder i decided to use my older neighbors' advice for when you've been working in the yard all day: prophylactic ibuprofen and a hot bath. i'm less sore and creaky already.

i like my job. there are some good people at that place, fer sure.

good evening to all ya'll. love and kisses. --me
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