'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

some personal blathering --- skip it if you skip those

I plopped down for a nap this afternoon. Seems I needed it. Had to drag my ass out to borrow the neighbors' gas mower (grass too tall for my reel one) in time to do the front yard before dark. Did manage to prune a bit, too, but got stung by two bees, one to each upper arm. I'm wearing baking soda paste on 'em now, after rubbing onion all over the spots.

These folk remedies put me in mind of that woman who makes me wish MY very last name were pronounced "decision."

squirrelykat saw the H-bomb yesterday. You'd think the federal gov'ment wouldn't let dangerous nuc-u-luhr weaponry like that wander the streets of our cities and towns.

Oh, yeah---that's right: the federal gov'ment has its thumb up its federal ass, as vachementmoi was just observing.


The big news in my life is the conversion of another friend to long-distance status. Today I've been thinking about my far-away people, and how it's hard to have them so far away, but how sweet and touching and delicious and thoroughly good it is to have far-off dear ones with whom I can, now and again, re-connect easily, and often deeply, even after months or years of what used to seem like neglect but now has a more peaceful feel to me---it's just a period of being out of touch, with less need for apologies or worrying about giving the wrong impression of the depth of my affection, and more knowing they're out there, and enjoying each other when we do touch base. And relying on them, as I do, not just for support in hard times, but for a sense of continuity, even identity.

I have a tendency to resist the conclusion-reaching sort of judgment about people's characters, not wanting to dismiss someone who may simply be at less than her/his best, or potential, and wanting it to be true that there can be a seed of what we call goodness (but may just be relative mental health) in even the more seriously damaged acters-out, or whatever you might call 'em. And there may actually be such a seed, even if it's decidedly iffy whether it'll sprout and push through, and anyway it's arguably not so wise for me so often to be looking/waiting/hoping for it. It's the folk of good solid character, though, that I'm thinking about now. Those at least consistently aiming at integrity. And, for me, those who appreciate connection, and appreciate it with me, and offer me connection with them. And then, of course, don't abuse the trust involved, as I strive not to abuse theirs.

Those people far away from me whom I love and feel connected to, even when not in frequent touch, are people of good character. Long-distance friendship is a gauge of character that way, somehow. Tells you which ones were the good ones, cuz it tells you which ones you miss and yet still have with you.

This friend I shall miss very. Already do.

Now to shower off the yardwork and the baking soda, then sit down in fronta a DVD with a late supper.

Happy Labor Day, all. Here's to the worker.

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