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charlottecooper has a thoughtful post about the Climate Chaos protest outside her window this morning.

After chatting with coworkers about the approx-zippo chances of making any difference by e-mailing each other about boycotting the biggest oil companies in general, or buying no gas on x day, I was then looking at this Hugo Chavez piece from the Guardian (but with more readable format in the Taipei Times version linked to), and I got to thinking about Citgo, "an extension of Venezuela's state oil company." I think I'm going to stick to Citgo for a while, in my pitiful tank-filling solidarity with something. It ain't the cheapest, but around here you can find a Citgo in these spots:

map of local Citgo stations

---and there's a Citgo locator at the company website, if any of ya'll like the idea. Your contribution to Citgo profits is at least a kind of contribution to Chavez's "using Venezuela's windfall not to fatten his own country's oligarchy but to benefit the Venezuelan poor and help neighboring countries" and his plan for a charitable end-run around big oil for the U.S. poor.

The other story that's really caught my eye today is the Progressive's piece on police & FBI monitoring of "terrorist" groups---with some local connections.

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