'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

CD in the "duck and cover" sense

So I got an e-mail out the blue the other day from a guy ("drmilo" on eBay) who wrote:

This is going to sound like a very strange question, but back in 2000 you sold item
number 3XXXXXXX, a civil defense film starring Gene Hackman. I am a Cold War historian
who has literally been seeking that film for 5 years (I have tried the National
Archives, collectors, everyone, but NO ONE has this film). I was wondering if you
still had a record of who you sold it to. I am trying to arrange an interview with
Gene Hackman to discuss the film, but I need to obtain a copy of the film first.
My website is www.conelrad.com. PLEASE HELP ME. You are my last hope. Thank you!

It's kind of a thrill to have someone seek you out with "PLEASE HELP ME. You are my last hope," you know? There is a slight chance, as I wrote the guy back, that I have a print copy of the final auction page somewhere, and a better chance that I have some old-skool photograph screen shots from the screening we did of the thing in our basement, with the 16mm projector we'd bought from the local firemen for a buck. (The movie belonged to our friend Cyndy, who cut me in for a percentage in exchange for selling it for her.) It was a funny movie, in particular cracking us up with its counsel for municipalities to build right angles into hallways cuz radiation can't go around corners.

I hope I can find something for this fella. Here's the link to his plea for help from the public. Think if I can help him he'll cut "the overweight" before "Shelly Winters" on that page?
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