'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

more custom dictionary talk

Okay---co-worker figured out the custom dictionary mystery, so I can now share mine (so far, after 2 or 3 weeks) with ya'll:

quadrangulation endrefmr refmr refcno endrefcno Combin le ssf nonisomorphic Appl Ser infty mesoscale automata discretization seismo thermohydraulic electro-magnetic viscoelastic Galerkin thermomechanical viscoplastic thermoelastic hypergeometric endroster geq frac vertices Proc one's reviewer's linearization abelian leq supergravity quantizable branes spacetime spacetimes Econom discretisation axisymmetric tetrahedra simplicial runtime nonsymmetric cryptosystem nonregularity Numer Probl Acad Philos ODEs multi-dimensional adjoint pathwise Riemannian nonrecursive pseudodifferential asymptotics homotopic Fredholm analyticity nonnegative attractivity orbifold reachability Comput biorthogonal supercloseness semidefinite unforgeability Nykodim pointwise subgraph bibl artefact artefacts iff bijection superprocesses Borel semiparametric Tukey bilinear underactuated noncontrollable nonlinearities nonconvex solvability nonsmooth eigenvectors cohomological equilibria multline endmultline Volterra Liouville bivariate priori Reviewer's variogram Navier cdot covariant Civita Leray Bbb symplectic coloneq Grassmann subvariety fibration nonsingular Sobolev semilinear nonlinearity substationary subsequence proven semicontinuous subdifferentials controllability supermodularity integrality outdates outdating autoregressive biharmonic posteriori preconditioners opacities multigrid discretized semidiscrete unidimensional tridiagonal trilinear Schr\"odinger supercritical starlike Laplacian holomorphic perturbative semigroups superintegrable Lyapunov Hopf Lyapunov's IEEE Multilinear et al nilpotency nilpotent neq nonabelian multiplicatively subloops seminormal semipermutability idempotents langle rangle presentability Dokl Akad Nauk compactificaton Siegel lim superharmonic Nevanlinna's antiperiodic forall summand oplus

What do you mean, "ho-hum" and "zzzzz"? What is WRONG with you people?
Tags: words

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