'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

the custom dictionary

I've been adding common words to my Google toolbar (for Firefox) form spellcheck custom dictionary here at work, and it's disappointing that I can't figure out where the custom dictionary file is. I wanted to look over it to see what words, like "seminormal" (which I just added), are in there so far. Some names, too (Lyapunov & Hopf just now), but mostly words that the regular dictionary is clueless about.

When I've had a custom dictionary in a wordprocessing program I've always added my own common vocab faves, like dunno and woulda and druther, and contractions, too (I hate how they aren't set to accept yer basic contractions). (Yeah, I add "yer," too, and "cuz" and "wanna" and "gotta" and ... i mean, c'mon ... who DOESn't use these wordz?)
Tags: words
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