'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

R.I.P.   B.B.G.

There's something about her face I liked instantly and always:


I wish they wouldn't refer to her so much in these obits as her character on "Dallas."

edit [from my .plan at work]: Barbara Bel Geddes died. I liked her a lot. It feels looksist, but I liked her face. I suppose it's all caught up in Midge, her character in Vertigo---Jimmy Stewart was crazy not to want her, chasing after that ghost woman who turns out to be [SPOILER WARNING: don't read on if you don't want to know] the same person he'd known before and all, as if that's some legitimization of his maniacal remaking of her, the *#@%!er. And the whole while, if he weren't CRAZY, he coulda had Midge. Even though he didn't deserve her in the least, with her smile, and her artist's sensibility, and her stalwart attempts to be supportive of his &*#@olic self.

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