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Lucinda Wms is on Letterman doing that great relentless "I Changed the Lock on my Front Door" song---with the litany of defiances/escapes that even include changing the name of this town. The band's all good and raunchy behind her. I wonder why she's gone back to pull this one out now. You don't suppose it's her first time on Letterman, do ya?

Earlier tonight I held off on more Sopranos to watch an Australian movie from 1999 with Rachel Griffiths---Me Myself I. She, of course, was in Muriel's Wedding and plays a complicated & (thus) juicy character on Six Feet Under. Somehow I didn't know the title would be related to the Joan Armatrading song. It was. Haven't heard that one in a while.

I kinda put the Joan l.p.s away for, like, 10 years. Or 12. Or something like that.

The one I do play once in a while is the live "Cool Blue (Stole My Heart)." I reckon it's e-z listening & all, but there's something about it. Something about the outside on a summer night with a lot of people and milling about and drinks. Something about the sound & feel that way.

And So To Bed (take two). Seems there's no googling the poem I'm thinking of here --- a pithy ditty from a guy called Bill Somethin' who used to have a column in the KC Star. It ended with the idea of to "know by feel or light of dawn / Which side my bed is buttered on."

I thought it hilarious at age 8 or so.

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