'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

oooh, maybe too late. maybe should go to bed.

Okay, I'll do the post I have in mind another time. Gotta get up and get the car in to have its brakes looked at tomorrow.

Feeling pretty stressed this week. Got a lot going on, and a lot to get in.

Only one more swim class now. Still haven't made it the full length doing the crawl. Got some more good tips tonight, though. Was a disaster in my first stabs at a flip turn, though. It looks fun, and felt fun the one time I actually did a sommersault in the water.

I think I can say I feel much more comfortable in the water in general than I used to.

Good stuff with kc this week. Funny how much having somebody else think something makes me more sure of it. (You know, somebody else I trust and respect.)

zzzzz zzzzzz   zz   zzzzzzzzzzzzz     zz z z zzz zz     zzzz        zzz        z

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