'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

what, not New York?

from findyourspot.com, where I should live in this country [and my reactions]:

Portland, OR   [sure]
Hartford, CT   [mebbe]
Worcester, MA   [mebbe]
Providence, RI   [mebbe]
New Haven, CT   [mebbe]
Baltimore, MD   [sure]
Milwaukee, WI   [well ... i dunno]
Boston, MA   [mebbe]
Chicago, IL   [sure]
Eugene, OR   [mebbe]
Medford, OR   [don't think so]
Danbury, CT   [well ... i dunno]
Corvallis, OR   [nah]
Frederick, MD   [mebbe]
Sheboygan, WI   [nah]
Charleston, WV   [don't think so]
Madison, WI   [mebbe]
Gaithersburg, MD   [nah]
Eau Claire, WI   [nah]
Oshkosh-Appleton/Neenah, WI   [don't think so]
Bend, OR   [no freakin' way]
Little Rock, AR   [no freakin' way]
Washington, DC   [mebbe]

I decided to say I wanted there to be a Jewish community, even if I eschew religion in general. Know what I mean? Who wants to live in the U.S. where there are no Jewish people, unless you're going rural?

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