'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

raspberries & outsiding

I had fun at coworkers' gathering in honor of disclaimerwill on Friday night, and I did a buncha improvisational fun stuff Saturday with bigfinedaddy, but that all feels kinda far in the past already after chock-full yesterday. Sat a.m. while picking berries in the yard I thought I oughta have a few peeps join in, and next thing I knew I'd thrown together a more-or-less impromptu berry picking gathering & breakfast for the next morning---a small affair, but quite pleasant. Speaking for myself, at least [winky thingie].

Running around for the rest of Sunday sucked every ounce of energy from me, and I loved it. Loved flinging a ball around at the park. Loved the batting cages. Loved being in the sun. (Yeah, I know---that last one doesn't sound much like me, does it. Go figya!)

Got very little freelance work in, but that's okay. Did secure one of the last spots in the next swim class.

It feels like summer around here. I almost said something about all the students being out of town, but of course they aren't all out of town. IYKWIM. A ridiculous thing to fret about, but I feel the need nonetheless.

Go figya!

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