'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Shrub cousin update

Okay, Holly talked to Roc. His mother is the daughter of the sister of Barbara Bush; George the I is his great uncle. I think that means he's a second cousin to the current "leader"---is that right, pijeanf?

Sure enough, all he had to apologize for was trying to get laid (and being a little sulky about it) on a weekend away---he'd flown our girl to Fishers Island, an old family home I think it was, and then couldn't get into her britches. It seems lately he's been thinking about people in his past, as he's dumped an old friend who takes a mentorly/teacherly 'tude toward him, when R. really just wants a friend.

I don't get it, really, but H. had a good time catching up with him. He's kind of a knock-around type, with (dwindling) family money but no right-wing politics. In fact the presidential family does not get along at all with his mother, and they weren't even invited to the inauguration. So maybe he's not such a bad bloke after all.

I guess that means our influence is way too limited to pull off your earlier request, hambokins!

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