'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

cool again, for a bit

The heat of the day is gone. Predicted general cooling, in the form of highs back in the low 80s (where the good lo'd intended them to be in Michigan at this time of year), has been appearing to be due in about 24 hours for the past three days. I've also been missing the occasional thunderstorms that have s'posedly been going on for 2 days.

There were only a handful of days at Mudville last year during which the lack of a.c. seemed unfortunate to me; another 3 or 4 like this and I'll have tied it this year already. Hey---it gives me a reason to be glad I'm going back to work tomorrow. I am philosophically in favor of experiencing the seasons more than we do in our climate-controlled world of to-day, but a few days of feeling sapped like like those Labs on Main Street yesterday and I'm itchin' to pay 9 bucks to sit in a big air-conditioned space for a coupla hours while they screen anything at all that doesn't include Sean Connery.

My houseguests, alas, have departed. First time I've hosted the J-Bean. He seems to've had a fine time. I was the #1 item on his What I'm Going To Do This Summer, so I hope I've sent him home with enough lasting memories that he'll have something to put down about it, should the first grade open with the old classic essay Charlie Brown & friends always had to write. Loved having J; glad his mom's coming back solo soon, too.

I have a little excursion in the near future myself in a little more'n a month. Am looking most fwd to it. Gives the Linus-was-right boost, too (talking of Chuck & co.).

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