'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

No word yet on the deal with the Shrub cousin. Holly reports no recollection of what might be the outstanding problem needing attention. She's going to e-mail, though, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile it's lovely weather here in A2. I noticed that fall doesn't start officially until three weeks from today, but the air up here's already got a touch of that joyful crispness. Recently there's been a debate in Michigan about whether to forbid schools to open for the year before Labor Day; the main argument brought forth is (what else) the economic one: tourism benefits from that last week of everybody's availability. In association with that point I heard some politicos referring to the fact that August has the best weather of the year in Michigan. Cracks me up! I gotta tell them Kansans about this news. In none of my previous dwelling locations has August been a pleasant weather month---in fact it's usually the worst, or close to it. Dog Days.

Worst place to've been last month: France. Am I right, vachementmoi?

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