'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

M's Creek with L

It's air-conditioned here in the Free Library. We are at somewhat illicitly adjacent computer terminals.

It's been boppin' around town fun today, starting with lunch with E, and featuring the Washtenaw Dairy (me: mocha almond fudge; she: almond joy). Hoping it's cooled off enough now to open the windows at home & be in relative comfort as we eat pizza and watch Eddie Izzard and Winsor McCay. (That's two separate DVDs, as you might guess, if you know who both gents are.)

I bought a purse at the comic book store that's going out of business. I didn't have to dicker hard to get more than 50% off. Some people spend hundreds of bucks on their purses; mine cost $7. It's a Too Much Coffee Man lunchbox---my first purse, for all intents and purposes, and for all intensive purposes, too.

Okay, L's done with e-mail---off we go. She's with me until midday tomorrow; I shall miss her butt muchly.

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