'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

muddlin' Monday

Having minor nasal/sinus problems with major congestion complication: CPAP don't work with no clogged nose. So exhausted today; took it off work, napped (inefficiently, sans CPAP), did freelance in spurts (got a lot done there at least). Used up the last of these first Netflix on hand.

Feeling daunted by housekeeping.

Drank half the pool "swim"ming yesterday. Snorted the other half. This is a frustrating juncture, and I really hope to get in the pool before the next class. My goggles broke, too, so gotta get a new pair, and maybe a swim cap, too---even tied back, some of the hairs keep finding their way into my face. If I win the lottery: prescription goggles. Or contacts for swimming? Do people swim in contact lenses, or is that crazy? Seems to me my ex- scratched a cornea in the ocean doing that---particle of sand in the eye---ended up at the (Wilmer?) eye clinic at Hopkins. In the pool perhaps the greater danger is losing one? Anybody help me on this? It's odd the way I feel naked at the pool cuzza not being able to see.

Boy, did we ever do some ER visits in that town, between her & me & dead Bill. (Before he was dead.) Not to mention vjsmom's summer at shock trauma.

So the weekend was good. I don't know that I'll be a diehard fan of the Detroit Demolition, but it was a fun experience. Oh, and this: Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill NOT disappointing, despite high hopes; in fact, very highly recommended, indeed. Good on the big screen, too. Heartbreaking, some, but heartening, too, or whatever the heart-bolstering word would be. Ol' Jane did a good job with so much about it. I'm thinking now of her editorial instinct for just how much "big message" stuff to get at, and for just how much self-referentiality, filmmaking-wise-speaking, to leave us wanting more. Go see it!
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