'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

weekend thus far

Good mix of chores/responsibility and fun/diversion so far. Wish there were fewer of the former.

Gonna go practice swimming some more this afternoon, which feels almost entirely like the latter, except for the "homework" factor---the fact that I've got to get practice in regularly to progress in class reasonably well. There's some kind of glitch in my head---has been for as long as I can remember---that equates with the negative, on some level, the scheduled & that requiring strict or regular scheduling. It can be through a link of obligation, but it's not that simple.

Even if something's my own personal agenda, my own "to-do" list, and even if every item on that list is fun, I resist. It's a glitch! Which de-bugging approach is called for one can debate, but it's not even as simple as the often-difficult finding the exact bit of code that's at fault & rewriting it. Some element of trial and error undoubtedly must come into play.

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