September 15th, 2021


belated Bow Tie Tuesday post

I did tie one on yesterday, Collapse )  But then I had a cat sitting on me before I took this shot of the tie, and that's why it's a little hairy:

(Maybe you have to look close to see the hair.)

Today's been a long day, including another long "leadership development" Zoom.  I'm too fried to think any more, and am thus not going to take advantage of the (even more than usual) quiet at the office to work late here.

My therapist had to reschedule this week, and I'm debating whether to take her up on fitting a session in tomorrow.  I kinda like the fact that right now I don't have any meetings or trainings or anything like that scheduled.  And there's certainly a lot on my to-do list.

Having a lot of work to get absorbed in is probably good for me.  Nonetheless, I'm quite looking forward to a possible week off soon, if I can pull it off.  I'll pay for it when returning to dozens and dozens of emails---quite possibly hundreds or hundreds and hundreds (the latter of which would, I guess, be 400 or more, yes?).  Sort wish I could catch up on those emails BEFORE taking the time off, but it doesn't work that way.

Thought I had some notecards at the office, to fire off a condolence note, but I guess I took those home, during the sort before moving offices.

Here's a picture of one of the few old stamps I kept, for your potential mild amusement: