April 20th, 2021


Bow Tie Tuesday

Hey there.

It's snowing in Ann Arbor today.  Long slow snow of wet thick flake-clumps.  I'm loving it.

I went to pick up some bagels late this afternoon, and just after they brought them out to my Jeep, the verdicts in the George Floyd murder came in.  It was such a flood of emotion, taking it in, barely believing it could be true, and hating that it's so chance-y, and the history has been what it has been, and is what it continues to be, but here was this thing.  I wasn't crying too much to drive, but I kept thinking the people in the other cars---many of 'em anyway---must be feeling a lot too, but we can't show each other.  There was one car driving along with its hazard lights on, but, like, that probably wasn't cuzza the desire to share the experience.

Here's me in the new tie
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