April 13th, 2021


Bow Tie Tuesday

Today's tie is kind a visual tongue-twister.  An "eyeball bender," they called in back in GAMES magazine.  A Where's Waldo.

I just didn't feel like tying a tie.  I sent the guys this pictureCollapse )

That's my '80s T-shirt, in my mind.

Got out for a walk today, and ended up working all night, until now. Still not ready for tomorrow's copy editing lesson.  But I have the galleys lined up and the old ones checked and the topics in order and the reading sent out.  Need to make some more-or-less lecture notes & test archive fodder in the morning, plus arrange the Zooms for this week.  Hope the coffee kicks in good.

For I know, though I yawn now, that I will not just go to sleep and stay asleep nicely tonight.  It's a night not to succumb to eating a painkiller.

First, I'm going to go put my feet up and watch dumb TV.